10.3.2012. Split, Croatia

dance competition organized by the Association Skupina-X/Unit-X Crew

Thanks to everyone :)))))

15.3.2012 @ 12:23

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH :) It was soooo goood, congrats to the winner: Bboying2vs2 – mr.iko & gubare, HipHop2vs2 – Fantasia&Mario. Big thanks to everbody who took part in this event, both competitors and spectators :) Special thanks to all the judges : BranuOne, Pizsy, Nives, Dora, Nezoob & Flit! Big BIG UP to DJ Woo-D who killed [...]

Double Fight 5 Teaser :)

8.3.2012 @ 00:32

Xtreme Productions Unit-X Films

Double Fight 5 poster!

24.1.2012 @ 20:36

Courtesy of dKing design :) You can download the full res version by CLICKING HERE or the .pdf version by CLICKING HERE.

Trailers of past editions of the event :)

20.1.2012 @ 10:10


Double Fight 5 official after party

18.1.2012 @ 16:15

Official Double Fight 5 after party will take place at music club O’HARA on the 10.3.2012. from 10PM onwards… See you there!

Page is up and running :)

18.1.2012 @ 09:48

The page is up and running, together with the facebook event and the facebook page. Any news concerning the competition will be posted here (new sponsors, registered teams and so on). Til the next post!

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